Dental Implants: The Permanent Tooth Replacement Option

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What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is designed to be a permanent replacement for one or more missing teeth. If you have a tooth that is missing in your mouth, the surrounding teeth may move out of place. This could make it difficult for you to talk or eat. It might also make it harder for you to take care of your teeth.

A dental implant consists of multiple parts. There is a titanium post that is implanted in the jaw of your mouth to act as tooth roots. The post is designed to anchor the tooth in your jaw, preventing jaw resorption. Then there is an abutment, which is screwed into the titanium post to anchor in the crown. The abutment is attached to a dental crown or bridge in the likeness of your natural teeth. The crown or bridge serves a functional and aesthetic purpose. It is customized to match your surrounding teeth, completing your smile. It is also durable enough to allow you to eat a regular diet.

Who Needs a Dental Implant?

There are several situations where you might need a dental implant, including:

  • You may have had one or more teeth knocked out in an accident
  • You may have a serious oral health condition that caused the degradation of one or more of your teeth

If you are missing one or more teeth, then dental implants in Athens, GA, could be right for you.

What Is the Process Like?

There are several steps in the dental implant process. The steps include:

  • First, you will meet with a periodontist like Dr. Neal Pylant in Athens, GA, to talk about whether you are a good candidate for implants. The periodontist will take x-rays and/or a CBCT (dental cone-beam computed tomography) scan to take a closer look at your teeth and roots.
  • Next, the periodontist will go over your treatment plan. If you are a good candidate for dental implants, the surgeries are typically performed in stages that require healing time between them.

Depending on your case, you may need to first have the area prepped and healed for implant placement, including

  • Removal of damaged teeth
  • Jaw bone grafting

·Next, the dental implant post is placed. Time is given to allow for bone growth and healing. Then, the abutment is attached to the implant post. Finally, you will return to your dentist for the creation and placement of your crown (or a bridge in some cases of multiple implants).

If you need dental implants in Athens, GA, then you need to work with an experienced periodontist who can help you make sure your implants last as long as possible. Whether you are looking for a singular implant or multiple, Dr. Pylant can help you. Call (706) 543-0026 to make an appointment.

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