What To Do if You Have Receding Gums

You may have gone to the dentist and received the news that your teeth are receding. There may be some questions you have about what to do next. Make plans to visit Dr. Neal Pylant's periodontal practice in Athens, GA, who can help you navigate the steps to restore your smile.

What can I do about my receding gums?

Every person is different, so talk to your periodontist about your receding gums. Sometimes treatment is as simple as getting a cleaning and becoming more diligent in your oral care. If the gum recession is extensive enough, your periodontist may need to perform surgery to correct the damage.

Some of the ways a periodontist may address your receding gums are:

  • Make suggestions. Sometimes gums begin to recede if you have been brushing too hard, and your periodontist can show you other techniques to keep your teeth clean without the harshness.
  • Gum graft. Your periodontist harvests a thin layer of gum tissue from a healthier portion of your mouth and uses it to cover the gum that is damaged, or donor tissue can be used for some procedures versus the patient's own tissue. During your healing, it is best to stay away from alcohol and smoking.
  • Deep clean the roots. Sometimes the periodontist aims to lift the gum and clean the bacteria. This bacteria accumulates at the bottom of the tooth. Your periodontist will clean underneath the gum tissue so that the pockets are not so severe.

Do you see more of your teeth lately than you think you should? Get more information about what to do about pockets and the recession of the gum tissue. Contact Dr. Pylant's practice in Athens, VA, at (706) 543-0026 today to have your receding gums examined.

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