Gum Contouring Can Get Rid Of Your "Gummy Smile"

Do you have a gummy smile? The answer could be quite personal. Although the standard definition sets the amount of visible gum when we smile at 3 to 4 millimeters, determining whether our smile is too gummy is something we decide for ourselves. The condition is not as uncommon as we might think, nor does it typically affect our dental health, but if it affects our self-image, that's reason enough to want to change it. By employing a procedure known as gum contouring our Athens, GA, periodontist, Dr. Neal Pylant, can reshape our gums to give us the smile we've been dreaming of. Reach out to the office to learn a lot more about the treatment and available options.

Our Gums and Our Smile

There are a few reasons why we might have a gummy smile, and these tend to be largely hereditary. A gummy smile does not necessarily mean there is something wrong, but if enlarged gums are the result of inflammation, then the culprit could be gum disease, and this will need to be addressed first.

Other options for treating our gummy smile may also be available, but for longer-term results, and for a smile we'll be happy to show off, gum contouring could be the way to go.

Gum Contouring in Athens, GA

Gum contouring is a procedure performed by our periodontists during which they remove excess gum tissue to reveal more of our teeth. Electrosurgery, a laser, or a scalpel is used to reshape our gums, and often only local anesthesia is necessary. Some suturing may be required. The whole procedure is usually done within just one visit, and depending on the extent of tissue removed, recovery can take from a few days to weeks. Some tenderness can be expected, especially at first, during which time we might be limited to soft foods.

If you live in or near the Athens, GA, area and are ready to explore gum contouring to correct your gummy smile, then schedule a consultation with Dr. Pylant by dialing 706-543-0026.

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