What To Know About Gum Grafting

If your gums are receding, this can put your teeth at a higher risk for decay, higher sensitivity, and abrasion. Dr. F. Neal Pylant is a periodontist in Athens, GA, and an expert in gum grafts that may help correct your receding gums.

Gum Grafts

Receding gums leave the roots of your teeth exposed to food particles and other elements. A simple surgical procedure called gum graft or gingival graft can help restore your gums.
In the gum graft procedure, periodontist Dr. Pylant, in Athens, GA, would first remove a piece of tissue from the roof of your mouth or nearby healthy gum tissue. Next, the tissue is attached to the affected area, restoring your gum line.

Types of Gum Grafts

There are three types of gum grafts:
  • Free gingival graft: Used if your gums are thin and need extra tissue to prevent further recession.
  • Connective tissue graft: Most commonly done and involves making an incision around the tooth, relaxing the tissue, and inserting new tissue under the recessed tissue.

Pedicle graft: Gum tissue is placed over the recession with local tissue instead of taking it from another part of your mouth.
Dr. Pylant can discuss these options with you and recommend the best procedure.

Are Complications Possible After a Gum Graft?

Although they are rare, infections and complications can happen. If you notice an oozing or unexpected bleeding from around the graft, you will want to alert the periodontist, Dr. Pylant, immediately. Also, it is uncommon but possible that the graft tissue may not adapt to the graft site. However, Dr. Pylant is an experienced periodontist who would correct or repeat the procedure to obtain more satisfying results.

What Happens After Gum Grafting?

Healing after gum graft surgery takes weeks and varies by patient and the amount of tissue that was grafted. When you follow up with Dr. Pylant post-procedure, he will make sure you are healing correctly, and the graft is successful. Once given the all-clear, you can begin to brush and floss again.
An often overlooked part of good oral health is ensuring your gums are healthy. Unfortunately, gum recession is one of the most common complications of periodontal health. If you suspect you may have a recessed gum line, call Dr. F. Neal Pylant at his office in Athens, GA, for an appointment today at (706) 543-0026.

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