Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure that involves reshaping gum and bone tissue. Its purpose is to expose additional tooth surface to help lay the groundwork for restorative and cosmetic dentistry and/or improve the esthetics of the gum line. It is used to make a restorative or cosmetic dental procedure possible. This is especially true if a tooth is severely decayed or fractured off at or below the gum line, or has insufficient tooth structure for a restoration like a crown or bridge. Crown lengthening adjusts the gum and bone level to expose more of the tooth so it can be restored. This can be done to one tooth, to even the gum line, or to several teeth to expose a natural, broad smile.

The following Before and After pictures are of a patient who needed crown lengthening to even out the gum margins and bone following trauma that fractured the front teeth. The crown lengthening was done to continue the repair the general dentist had already started.

Before & After
Crown Lengthening_F Neal Pylant Athens GA_Periodontics_Dental Implants Crown Lengthening_F Neal Pylant Athens GA_Periodontics_Dental Implants

If you have a "gummy" smile because your teeth appear short, it is possible that your teeth may be the right length, but are covered by excessive gum tissue. Crown lengthening corrects this condition.

The patient in the following pictures presented with excessive gum tissue resulting in a "gummy smile." Soft tissue crown lengthening using electrosurgery was done to remove and reshape the excess gum tissue thus exposing more of the tooth crowns and creating a more esthetic smile.

Before & After
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